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5 Secret Relationship Resolutions

Posted on: May 19, 2010

Usually, this time of year, people are broadcasting their resolutions like they have their own cable TV audience.

They tell everyone and anyone they’re givin’ up soda, hittin’ the gym, keepin’ the garage clean. Hear me, hear me, I’m going to change! Usually, though, these resolutions stick about as well as wet masking tape.

Instead, this year, try changing up a few resolutions so you can focus on your partner, and do so (here’s the catch) without telling them what’s coming. Why? Because your moves will be a whole lot more effective if your partner never sees them coming. The benefits: You’ll improve your relationships, score major points, and make someone other than yourself feel good, too.

Resolution #1: I Will Worship The Foot

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional body parts we may focus our attention on. But if there’s one thing that couples crave more and more as the relationship grows, it’s non-sexual touch – touching that’s sensual with a touch of sexual.

Give your partner regular foot massages (without being prompted), and my bet is that other kinds of touching will increase. Dramatically.

Resolution #2: I Will Be An Online Auction Hawk

You know a relationship is in a rut when the gifts become more mundane than Weather Channel background music. This year – be it for your partner’s next birthday or Valentine’s day or the next gift-giving event – take some time to really nail it.

Figure out something meaningful from their life and track down a unique item that hits the sentiment perfectly. You’ll have to use your imagination and sleuthing skills to come up with a great idea, but you’ll score big. Thoughtfulness will always trump another Best Buy gift card.

Resolution #3: I Will Initiate Romance More Often Than My Partner For One Month

I know, I know – you may already be doing so. But if not, make it a point to initiate the romance more often, because chances are, if your partner’s doing all of it, then he probably feels a mix of fatigue and frustration. If you can initiate more, he’ll give back what you want in the bedroom – ad infinitum. It’s the things he craves – and you will, too.

Resolution #4: I Will Replace The Sink Soap

Too often, we get caught up in the relationship biggies – money, sex, communication. Of course, those hot buttons can be the source of many a fight. But you’ll go a long way in smoothing out kinks in the relationship by making a conscious effort to put the seat down, put the roll on, clean the dried milk from the counter, or whatever it is that your partner finds to be your little, nagging problems. Fixing the little problems helps solve the big ones.

Resolution #5: I Will Not Let My Partner See Me Naked

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with showing off your body, especially if you’re also making a resolution to lose a few pounds. For the easiest and most effective way to a sexier you, this article will help you lose weight and look great without ever being on a diet.

But what you’ll be doing here is building up the mystery until your partner absolutely has to see you naked. Have a robe, or sheet, or pair of pants all around you, until it’s absolutely time to disrobe. The build-up, the anticipation, the mystery – ah, it’s the nectar of new relationships that often gets spoiled in old ones.

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