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Don’t Make Your Hot Getaway A Complete Hell: 8 Tips To Enjoy Traveling As A Romantic Couple

Posted on: April 20, 2010

Traveling as a couple is a pretty good litmus test of how compatible you are with your partner. That being said, even the most compatible couples will inevitably encounter a few bumpy roads while vacationing together. Think about it: the sweetie you see only on weeknights and weekends is suddenly one tiny motel room with you, waking up with you, doing the same activities as you, eating every meal with you, and pretty much doing everything with you all day long.

Relish the romantic getaway without getting into each other’s hair. Here are 7 tips to keep your couple vacation smooth sailing onwards.

1. You seriously don’t have to be attached at the hips 24/7. Schedule some chunks of alone time throughout your vacation. For one afternoon, you might just want to stay at the hotel and read while your boyfriend explores a neighborhood on his own. Or the two of you might explore the same museum separately and agree to meet back in the lobby in an hour. A little alone time goes a long way in keeping both of your sanity intact.

2. Anticipate crankiness–and laugh it off. Sometime somewhere in the trip, someone is going to be hungry, or tired, or want to go to the bathroom and regress to the patience of a cranky 4-year-old. It happens. When it does happen, don’t take it personally. Laugh about it afterwards and move on.

3. Have alternative options in mind–both of you. That way, you or your significant other won’t be completely crushed if the one activity you had your heart set on falls through or is no longer availble. Flexibility is key!

4. Be extra-mindful and respectful of each other’s neurotic preferences and habits. There is something about traveling enhances all of our neurotic preferences and habits, which can create more opportunities for unnecessary drama. So if your boyfriend is usually really uptight about being clean, be extra careful about not leaving all your dirty clothes sprawled all over the hotel room floor. Or if you are completely anal-retentive about getting to places on time, allocate yourself an extra 10 minutes than you normally would so you’re not freaking out when both of you are running late.

5. Snacks and water are super-important. To avoid crankiness. Snacks and water are important regardless of who you are traveling with. It’s even more important when you’re traveling as a couple–because without snacks and water, people get hungry, thirsty and cranky. And crankiness equals unnecessary snippiness. Stock up on those Trader Joe’s nutrition bars.

6. Surprise him with something special. Raise the “aww” factor of your cute couple vacation. Surprise your sweetie by developing a picture of the two of you doing something fun together while he is out exploring another neighborhood. Or secretly buy some of his favorite foreign snacks to surprise him later when you guys get home. These little surprises will make your trip extra-memorable.

7. Be equally responsible with everything that happens on the trip. Don’t solely rely on him to plan the itinerary and know where you are going. Similarly, don’t be a micro-manager and completely take over deciding which restaurants to go to and which tourist attractions are worth checking out. Both of you should know where you are going, how the weather is going, how much things cost, etc. By being equally invested in the quality of your trip, you will be less likely to blame each other and more likely to work together as a team if something goes worng.

8. Don’t forget the romantic part of the romantic getaway! Even if you’re tearing up new neighborhoods in your beat-up running shoes and grungy baseball cap as a frugal couple during the day, don’t forget to pack that cute dress and strappy heels for that one romantic dinner and evening stroll you guys should have at least once somewhere in the trip. Awww.

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