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6 eats (besides chocolate!) that turn up the heat between the sheets

Posted on: April 20, 2010

If there is one thing I know from the countless ladies’ mags I wasn’t supposed to be reading growing up (aside from the same 25 “things guys wish you’d do” worded six hundred different ways), is that chocolate and strawberries all are natural aphrodisiacs. YAWN. Yeah, great, cool, I GET IT. But what else is out there to turn a simple meal into a sensational interlude before sexy time?

Aniseed: Dating all the way back to the Roman Empire, these seed pods have been used to increase desire because of it’s aroma as well as its licorice taste. It also contains a number of estrogen compounds which reportedly increase the libido much like testosterone.

Watermelon: Call your physician and tell him to put a hold on that Viagra refill because

Watermelon increases blood flow to your nether-regions with it’s high levels of citrulline.

Pine Nuts: Pine Nuts have tons of Zinc, which is one of the key minerals to potency and sperm production in men.

Aloe Vera Juice: Apparently this dude, Dr. Robert Picker from the Berkley Holistic Clinic, claims he used aloe vera juice with 300 hundred people with “phenomenal results” as an aphrodisiac although after about two hours of research on aphrodisiacs, no one has explained how or why or what the aloe vera juice does. Unfortunately, I’m not going to tell you either but I will say I’m willing to give it a shot considering aloe vera has a number of other medical benefits, including stimulating antibodies and T-cells.

Nutmeg: This herb increases libido and potency because of its nervous stimulating properties and has been proven in mice to increase mating (50% more mounting, hey hey heyyyy)! Be careful with this one though, it also has psychoactive properties if taken in high doses!

Avocado: In some circles referred to as “the chocolate of fruits” (damn, I guess we couldn’t escape the chocolate ENTIRELY), Avocados are chalk full of vitamin E, which aids in the production of sex hormones and in turn, attraction and desire.

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