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Russia fight against Missile defense system in east-Europe

Posted on: November 27, 2009

            USA seems act differently lately, sometimes they could be a devil that makes every country in this world scared of them, but sometimes they could be an angel that helps the other country no matter in economy, social, technology, or even education side. It absolutely depends on the leader or we can say the no.1 person in USA. As we know that in 2007, USA or specifically Bush planned that to prevent the attack from Middle-East, they think they should build a missile defense system in east-Europe, exactly Poland. Of course, there are pros and contras, Russia think that it would interrupt the stabilization in that area, but on the other hand, this plan is quite effective to prevent the missile attack from the radar. However, as we know that if Russia and America struggling debate about this stuff, there would be any ‘cold war’, and that’s absolutely not the best wishes for every country in this world. And what interesting stuff that we could discuss is the struggling between USA and Russia also the development of this plan.

            We all know that USA and Iran already have a tension for each other, Iran used to be one of the closest country of USA. The king of Iran used to lived so full of luxury even he spent a lot of wealthy he got. And USA support it also becomes a good friend of the king, influence of USA seemed so strong that makes Iran close enough with USA. But then the leader of Syiah movement tried to gathered a mass, in order to make the king falling down. It’s not just that, even the mass kidnapped an embassy of USA in Iran, and make them as a prisoner. Of course, it means that their movement makes USA threaded. And after the downfall of the king, all of the society of Iran seemed really hate USA instantly. That’s exactly why USA also hates Iran because the society said that they would fight against all the liberalist non-Moslem influence. And the struggling between the two country has begun, of course each of them already show their power and sent a cold impression for each other. This lead to unstoppable war that never ends and of course could bring harm to their nation, or even the worldwide. So that’s why this war could be really dangerous.

            What we need to know is the impact of this war, one of them is that the relationship between the Moslem and non-Moslem especially Christian become not really harmonist. Moreover, apparently the impact is more than that, eventually USA realize something that never be expected before. Iran has developed something beyond American’s imagination, something huge, something extremely dangerous, and something so effective to make USA give up. The strategy is launching a missile that could bring a great destruction for USA and a half Europe. Poland and the United States on August 12, 2008 signed a deal for Poland to accept a missile interceptor base as a part of a system the United States says is aimed at blocking attacks by rogue nations. Moscow, however, feels it’s aimed at Russia’s missile force. In August 15, 2008, a top Russian general said that Poland’s agreement to accept a USA missile interceptor base exposes the ex-communist nation to attack, possibly by nuclear weapons. At a news conference in August 2008 Nogovitsyn had reiterated Russia’s frequently stated warning that placing missile-defense elements in Poland and Czech Republic would bring an unspecified military response. But his subsequent reported statement substantially stepped up a war of words. Russian forces went deep into Georgia in the fighting, raising wide concerns that Russia could be seeking occupy part of its small, pro-USA neighbor, which has vigorously lobbied to join NATO, or even to force its government to collapse. Under agreement that Warsaw and Washington reached August 12, 2008, Poland will absolutely accept an American missile interceptor base. Poland has all along been guided by fears of a newly resurgent Russia, an anxiety that has intensified with Russia’s offensive in Georgia. In past days, Polish leaders said that fighting justified Poland’s demands that it get additional security guarantees from Washington exchange for allowing the anti-missile base on its soil. The disagreement from Russia persists when in August 20, 2008 exactly after signed a deal Wednesday to place a USA missile defense base just 115 miles from Russia in Warsaw, the secretary of state Condoleeza Rice dismissed any suggestion of the 10 missiles and said to the reporter in Warsaw that Missile defense is aimed at no one. But then she seemed mocking Russia when she added that Russians are losing their credibility if they think that Missile defense would interrupt the stabilization of the area. In addition, hours after signing Russia’s foreign Ministry warned that Moscow’s response would go beyond diplomacy. The deal follows an earlier agreement to place a second component of the missile defense shield, which is a radar tracking system in the neighboring Czech Republic, another formerly communist country now in NATO. Therefore, from this fact we could see how America really sacred of the rogue nations and seemed wanted to keep an eye on it. USA become sure enough that Iran has a great capability to fight against USA in 2015, so USA still remain trying to prevent an unexpected attack. Russia thinks USA plan to build Missile defense shield in Poland and Czech Republic is just the strategy to make a link of NATO become wider and wider. This plan also considered could make NATO stronger in controlling also make inspection to Russia’s military. Russia also thinks that it would harm every country in Asia especially China, even actually the foreign minister of Poland hasn’t receive a straight threat from Iran, but they could understand an anxiety coming from USA for development of ballistic missile. Just so you know, as a repayment for an agreement from Poland, USA promised to make an upgrade for Poland’s air force. Although 56% of Poland’s society disagree with that plan, but the government apparently has signed a deal. USA still in their assurance that it’s time to concern of the potential destruction from the missile that launched by Iran and North Korea. But hysterically Russia response that it’s ridiculous, if the missile from Iran and North Korea could reach Europe and even USA, and accuse that it’s just the cold war tactic from USA to build a defense system of missile in Europe. Intended for Russia that tactic seems showing an unrespectable attitude for USA’s associate in Uni-Europe and in NATO.

The plan of building a system defense in Poland includes ten-interceptor missile and tracking radar in Czech Republic. USA said that an increasing threat to allied forces, territory and populations, which means a step to make a defense system of NATO wider to every country that inaccessible for USA. Although Russia never wants to approve that plan but apparently Czech Republic say otherwise, they think that this agreement is a significant step for their efforts to protect their nations and their NATO allies from the growing threat posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction. Considering what Russia concern about, Czech Republic confirms that they disagree with anxiousness from Russia, because the development of defense system to evaluate a spirit of protects the society of Europe. They also consider that an anxiousness of Russia to US is way-way to much, cause the missile defense system wouldn’t harm the threat Russia or even interrupt the stabilization of the area. Especially for military importance, it’s absolutely harmless, although ironically 2/3 society of Czech Republic deviate with the decision of building a defense system in their area. But at least the government already approve that plan and dare to take the consequences in the parliament.

            Recently the new era of cold war between Russia and US has begun, at least it would make a great impact for every country in this world. Since the downfall of Uni-Soviet, the relationship of US-Russia not really intensive, exactly since a foulness of westernization in Russia over ’90 that absolutely unsatisfied in economy and social construction, also apparently economy and social part in Russia really-really depends on USA when the US president is Boris Yeltsin in ’90 decade. So actually, the two of them is not really close and got a lot of common, but at least they try to make a good impression in the world’s eyes.

            The struggle would absolutely make a misconception because Russia threat that they would return build a missile base in a closer country with USA like in Belarus. When Russia sees these circumstances, USA and NATO try control Russia exactly to prevent Russia’s supremacy. Exactly with a power of Russia’s military, their nuclear weapons, and a big territory, Russia tried to play a character in stability of politics and International stabilization, which is otherwise with their rival, the western exactly USA. Moreover, verbal war between Russia and USA become more complicated, Russia offense USA that Bush era is identical with Hitler’s. On the other hand USA also accuse that Putin era in Russia had contravened a human rights and democracy.

As we see that missile defense system plan is not really got support from a country that quite related with it. There would be more a lot of pros and contras for this matter, what exactly the good decision? We never know, cause Russia and USA seems find their importance and benefit for themselves, we just need to hope that someday there would be a perfect solution.


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