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Review ‘Match Point’

Posted on: November 27, 2009

        Match Point, film by Woody Allen is one of the great movies and was nominated for Oscar in 2006. We all know that having affair is cruel intention and common things in our lives. Moreover, Match point is one of the perfect movie how to express what guilty that someone present. Like almost over 80% society on internet seems got impressed by Woody’s new idea for bringing the new style of having affair. This film recently won many awards, consist ‘ADIRCAE Award’ for best foreign film, ‘David Award’ for Best European film, ‘Golden Award’ for Best thriller, and ‘Goya Award’ for Best European film, just so you know all of that awards in 2006. And beside that, Match Point got 10 nominated that one of them, is Oscar for Best writing, original screenplay category. Some of the movie experts said that it would be the best film from Woody Allen for 15 years. Something interesting is not only from the movie sequel itself but also from the perfect cast and another thing that could be so nice to have a look.

The film received generally strong reviews from critics. As of January 21, 2008, the review from Rotten Tomatoes reported that the film received 77 percent positive reviews, based on 191 reviews. Then Metacritic reported the film had average score of 72 out of 100, based on 40 reviews. Not just that, Woody Allen also got good news from IMDb that Match Point has scored 7.8 out of 10. So at least it has make an outstanding record that Match Point could break more than 60% of the users. One thing that we never expected is Match Point has also been the object of scholarship. Therefore, that’s exactly why Match Point is one of the great film and nominated for Oscar. Something that makes you so interest is the sequel and the perfect cast.

            Match point tells us about a common affair in our lives in the beginning, like when tennis pro Chris Wilton becomes involved with a wealthy family, one member of which he’s teaching tennis. This leads to his rise in the world upper class people and his subsequent romantic involvement with two women. A clandestine affair follows, leading him into an ever-deepening quagmire until the only way out for him is to contemplate doing away with one of the woman. So from the beginning we could see so clear enough how Chris Wilton begins a relationship with a shy wealthy woman Chloe Hewett after got closer with her brother Tom because they both like opera, so does Chloe. But then something unexpected follows the whole sequel like how Chris Wilton formulates a devious plan to rid himself of his inconvenient mistress. When Chris went out with Chloe in recent time, he felt so happy and he finds his social and financial status vastly improved. However, after he got chemistry with Tom former girlfriend Nola rice, everything becomes so complicated. He realizes that if Chris Wilton continues his forbidden relationship with Nola then his new and luxurious lifestyle may be threatened. And unfortunately, his nightmare appear in front of his eyes. After Nola used to reject Chris, he decided to marry Chloe but then after he found out that Tom and Nola broke up, he starts to meet and get touch with Nola intensely. But when he heard that Nola pregnant, sometimes his rage vastly high than usual. Chris had Nola to make abortion but Nola refuses because she already does that like twice. When Chris struggle between his passion and obsession he decided to create a devious plan to get Nola out of his life forever because in the end the obsession is greater than just a passion to his lover Nola, exactly an obsession to take care of his luxurious life. That’s why Chris decided to kill Nola and her neighbor instantly and make it as robbery case.

            There a lot of something more unique and special from Match Point, one of them is the great strategy from Woody Allen, the director. Woody Allen had made the sequel or the script classified especially for his cast. At first it’s become not rational but then he stated that that‘s the best way to make his cast understand every part of the script. Because the fact, some actor and actress would forget about the script instantly if they receive the whole sequel or the script straight away before filming. That’s absolutely one of the perfect strategy to make the cast more concern about one part that want to be shot. Even when Scarlett want to see her act on monitor, she were caught up by Woody and be lectured to never see the monitor ever again. Woody said that beside he wants to surprise his cast, he also wants to make the cast never looking on their perfect act in order to always encourage them. Another thing that, Woody never makes the sequel so simple like another usual case about having affair. Even the romantic involvement was set so dramatic and easy to understand. And guess what, the crime stuff could be mixed so perfectly with the sensual content. Match Point is not just deliver a very spectacular and unexpected sequel, but also makes a great influence to the society. You people must have known about a little piece of message in the beginning, it stated that a game would be so predictable but in match point of Tennis game for example, it would be so hard to believe. Therefore, this film is essentially a pessimistic fable about the importance of luck over virtue. As we know, the film begins with a static shot of the tennis court, with the ball suspended just above the net. Chris recites on the monologue said that how people are afraid to face how great a part of life is dependent on luck. And it becomes clear when Chris said for example like Match Point in Tennis game ‘There are moments in a match when the ball hits the top of the net and for split of second it can either go forward and you win. Or maybe it doesn’t and you lose…’. We absolutely can conclude how Woody Allen here wants to deliver the message in the beginning as the prologue to make the background of the sequel. And it’s not ends in the beginning, Woody seems wants to more make the message even more clear exactly when Chloe stated that she believe in hard work instead of luck, but then Chris response that hard work is mandatory but the fact is that everybody is afraid to admit what a big part luck plays. And he also stated that scientist have already confirm that more and more existence is here by blind chance. So it’s clear enough that the purpose of this film is try to deliver to the society how big part of luck plays. In addition, it’s still be shown up in the end how Chris luckily get free from all of the curiousness of the police. For your information, Match Point got rated R, restricted, because it contains sexual and nudity content. In addition, some of people thought that this movie for the early 20 minutes seems like a porno movie, but I disagree with that opinion because the beginning is the essential matters or background of the story. Woody had made a new theory that not almost every movie is predictable, especially from the title, because some of the movie could be so easily to predict from the title so what we need to do is enjoying the sequel till finally we found the link. But here in Match Point seems we got plunged into the character’s thoughts, or we can say that we’re really-really face the problem in front of us. There are many thoughts in our mind even in the climax like 10 or 15 minutes before the movie ends there are still a lot of possibility for the ending. Therefore, that’s a very strong movie. However, unfortunately there’s something miss from the story, exactly at one point where Chris sees a ghost drops by to discuss loopholes in ‘Perfect Crime’. I guess it’s not really necessary because the scene is just concern about debate between Chris and the late Nola include her neighbor that totally not make in sense. Is there any such a thing you arguing with ghost then you win? That’s not make in sense at all, except if there’s another scene when Chris get his karma. Moreover, talk about the moral, it’s too fragile, because even the sweet Chloe become a heartless person because she looks buy Chris with her father’s help. Although it’s nothing to worry about but at least it doesn’t suppose to be like that. But at least it’s the masterpiece from one of the great director Woody Allen, and everybody knows and loves it, that’s for sure. It has a thriller for every scene and we’re really make us curious for every single scene. Something that we should proud of beside the sequel is the perfect cast chosen by Woody Allen. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers successful brings a great emotion of Chris here, and Scarlett Johansson that one of the sexiest women in this world also success delivers a perfect character of Nola Rice. The story really concern for the Chris struggle to contemplate doing away with Chloe from the Wealthy family or Nola, his true love. In addition, the best part for me is how Woody really focus on Chris feeling and could tell us how difficult to contemplate something that so close with temptation and obsession. But finally in the end, Chris choose obsession as the first needed than just a lust.

            Therefore, we can conclude that Match Point is one of the great films by Woody Allen that deliver dramatic thriller, and not for every film could deliver drama covered by thriller. If you’re want to analyze movie that not always concern for drama and lust, Match Point is one of the best choice. I do absolutely suggest you to see this move for anyone who likes thriller movie plus drama at the same time. We will never forget one of these masterpieces from Woody Allen after the late film Manhattan.


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