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G-20 for improvements of Indonesia in 2015

Posted on: November 27, 2009

            We all know that Indonesia has elected a new president which same with a previous era. Although it’s the same person, but President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono be trusted to bring a new era of Indonesia trough a new reign. At least with a new reign that still fresh, we could count on them to drive Indonesia in world’s eyes and especially in how we could create good relations with another country. Recently Indonesia just plunged into one of former deluxe organization for develop countries, called G-8, but now G-8 changed it’s name into G-20. If G-8 used to just available for develop country that is concern or study about economy issues also control it in world affairs, G-20 also encompasses development countries to make a balance in their system. In addition, apparently, Indonesia now is one of G-20 member, in one side, it could be the new influence of Indonesia to show our strength and participation in economy global, because now the aim is not just coming from develop country but more concern in global official economy cooperation. In Politic side, it could make a better cooperation in our country to prevent a worse condition in our country. The government could do a better mechanism in politic to balance economy in our country and in global range too. Especially from G-20 Indonesia could cooperate with a develop country to make the economy balance, because economy power is not only depends on develop country. Trough this organization, we hope Indonesia could make a good impression and good cooperation to solve global economy crisis matters. The impact of global crisis is how dollar right now going back to their nation, in meantime there a lot of projects that really need a fund as soon a possible, so that’s exactly the development of country like Indonesia is being neglected. In addition, the perfect solution for that is just a better a global mechanism. Well, so we could see how the develop countries offer economic crisis also with development country like Indonesia, India, Brazil and the other because they do concern how well China for example to control their economy also have a great deficits. It could be a classified mission from develop country to prevent a worse economy crisis, although it’s not really make any advantage. However, develop country also make a good commitment that is they do concern about climate change, like their obligation to give a compensation fund to development country related to reducing carbon gas emission. Moreover, this kind of Organization could also become a perfect solution for our country to bring the aspiration of Indonesia’s importance exactly our national importance, which is, could be done by this organization. Of course, by this opportunity, ASEAN really hope if Indonesia could thrust a movement how to fix a structure of world finance institutions, in order to get more reflecting the world arrangement nowadays also make sure the development country to have a fund access for the development. Not only economy that we should concern about, from social we could see how it would make a great impression for Indonesian, at least we get a social improvement after join this organization. Moreover, how our society would change their mind set to make a better productivity because we already a country that be considered as a vital country to drive global economy axis. Not only that our technology also would increase because of the great cooperation with many developed country trough G-20, but also it would make our technology become more and more affordable although we should go to another aspect. We could also solve our environment as if we send proposal about protection of national forest in Indonesia to prevent climate change as one of the issues that recently discussed in G-20. Of course, it would be one of the aids for Indonesia to bring a national importance in environment trough G-20. From law, we could also contribute s regulation which is could help the economy problem like how the investment could apply their amount and tax. Therefore, we absolutely can conclude how every single aspect could be provided by this G-20 exactly for our national importance.

             This is exactly what we should concern and also more concentrate for this advantages to bring a good impression and focus to national importance. Anyway, Indonesia could be a great pillar of ASEAN in this organization especially to bring the ASEAN importance to the worldwide. Moreover, Indonesia also should defeat protectionism which is could make our economy crisis become worse and worse, although it would be so tough. However, sometimes it could be just a dream, it’s actually quite strange when we see a country like Indonesia could join this kind of big organization. As we know, Indonesia is no doubt a big country exactly for the territory sector, but as we know, there must be a threat and negative impact like Indonesia could be just a statue in that forum. Because Indonesia is one of the member of ASEAN that participate in that kind of big organization, so there would be a great responsibility for Indonesia to be a institution to control and solve the global economy crisis. Especially because Indonesia’s position which is could furnish so strong to give a great foundation in G-20. And you know it would be so hard for Indonesia if the fact is Indonesia finance circumstances is still lack of a good distribution and mechanism. There’s an assumption if Indonesia just a clone in that forum and also have no participation in that forum, or the worse condition that develop country using Indonesia for their advantages without concern about importance of Indonesia. Like in politic side, Indonesia would get something that so risky like the relation. And in trade or economy would make Indonesia lost the stability of its economy because develop country choose Indonesia in order to stabilize the global economy. One thing for sure here that development country’s economy recently is quite highly expand than develop countries which is not like used to be. So it would make develop country would do everything to stabilize the global economy trough development country’s help no matter it would harm them or not, and that’s exactly something we should aware. Not just from economy, something that we should aware, but also in social stuff like how our society would just ignore and never even want to concern about it, we absolutely couldn’t count on our society for this importance. What exactly we should aware, is how about if the society feels like they already in upcoming develop country line and would make us way-way to proud like what we did, when we still in Soeharto regime. We always concern about position not with a cooperation and participation in every organization like OPEC. Now we could see how we should concern about the society over here. From technology, we can’t ignore the threat, if we want to concern about it, like the use of industry, we would get addicted to use every single product from foreign country exactly develop country. In addition, it would make our society forget about our national product so it would be degradation for our national product. We can’t rely on it for this one, although it would take a long time to see this threat, but we can’t wait till it happen.

            We know that there a lot of negative affect of G-20, as we could see how the importance of develop country would dominate the issues that need to be concerned about. Also it’s not a simple forum or situation to focus on one issues for example among 20 country with different importance for each other. The issues would be limited and so hard to find the conclusions and solutions. Every single observer in this world really worries about this situation where a lot of topic that should be discussed in that forum would be neglected and never be solved. Moreover, in politic we could see how our politic mechanism would be interrupted by this organization like if we concern about every single importance for our country then it would make no concern to the other issues for another country that not include G-20. In addition, in economic side of course it wouldn’t effective to solve the economy problem if there a lot of different importance, especially when the develop country dominate the issue and use development country for their own importance. Also from Economy side, G-20 could be just all about how they concern and solve their own economy crisis not coming from global side. Because although it’s concern in economy but who knows the road could be. In addition, the most horrible thing from economy side, if G-20 just becomes a forum that discussed about global economy issues without any concern how to solve it. We all know that there are bunch of other things that we should concern about the weaknesses of G-20 for example in social side as if how they communicate one issue to every single country in this world. As we know, in that forum, just facing the president from all over the world. It would be hard, even harder to go trough ‘deal’ word because now, not only eight develop countries that usually with a same mindset assemble in that forum. By development country which is attend in that forum can’t be denied if the forum is not really effective to bring society importance to the worldwide. In addition, from social it could be a problem, because society sometimes is ignored or neglected by their leader. Not only that, from social side, but also technology would get the impact from the weaknesses of G-20 like how narrow the issues that be discussed in that forum which is more concern in economy. Also from technology side like what I said before if we continue concern and cooperate with develop country more and deeper after join this forum it would make us ignore our national products. And as well the law, which is could bring the new regulation for economy like protectionism that not really agreed by all of the country in this world. Moreover, that we should aware for all the weaknesses and the opportunity from G-20.

            Well as we know that there a lot of weaknesses of this G-20 like in economy that what we always afraid of, from economy, there would be a domination from develop country to use development country or cooperate with them in order to concern and fulfill their importance.  In Politic they would absolutely be complicated if the reaction one of country like Japan disagree with a decision which is China is one of the member of the G-20. It would absolutely make a new problem. And then coming from social side it is also make the society way-way to proud of it and make Indonesia just become a clone in that kind of organization. Moreover, it is also could bring a negative side to technology like a lot of debt that we got from develop country for our technology, cause almost 70%, for all over device is coming from foreign country. So we should consider the advantages and disadvantages, there’s still time, if we couldn’t get the benefit to quit. However, if there’s still chance to make an improvements for Indonesia, then we should exist and from what we see, the advantages is more affordable and quite big to take us into improvements for the next five years.


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